Hair Restorz Price Challenge

Hair Restorz, India’s leading hair transplant company, offers to all Indian citizens the much needed opportunity to get Hair Transplant and other Hair Restoration procedures done at the Lowest Possible Price. We invite you to take up this “Lowest Price Challenge”. Though this challenge we hereby claim that we at Hair Restorz are providing world class Hair Restoration services at the Lowest Possible prices. No other center of hair transplantation having equally qualified doctor is doing Hair Transplantation and other Hair Restoration services at a price less than our price. Comparing criteria’s include the highest qualification of the Hair Transplant Specialist, the technique, the possible results and price quoted for the procedures.
The Hair Restorz Price Challenge is valid only for the services offered by us. If you get a quote which is less than ours taking into consideration the before mentioned criteria’s then Hair Restorz will provide you free services from our centers worth two times the difference or maximum of INR 15,000 (whichever is less).

Please Note:- This price challenge offer is not valid for clients taking up 100% Money Back Guarantee Scheme.

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