Hairloss is a big problem in todays world. The multinational companies and individuals are more than eager to drill a big hole in your pocket. The competition is who is able to dig the bigger hole. The bigger the better for them. Millions of dollars are being spent on advertising and marketing the products for hair loss. Each claim that their product to be better than the rest. The consumer is so much confused that sometimes the colour or the packing becomes the deciding factor to choose a product for hair loss. It happens with everyone and it happens for other products too.

Unless there is some medical cause of hairloss, it can be very well stopped and many times reverted back within a budget equal to that of a child’s pocket money. Don’t give me that look.

Will these tips to reduce hair loss cost you a single rupee:

  • Sleeping on time and waking up early in the morning.
  • Going out for a light and refreshing morning walk.
  • Having some freshly made fruit juice before going out for work.
  • Drinking a lot of water.
  • Taking 5 minutes break after every hour of your work and doing some meditation in that time.
  • Quit smoking or at least reduce its frequency.
  • Reduce your urge for tea or coffee.
  • Having lunch on time and adding fruit salad to the menu.
  • Go out for evening walk if you missed the morning one.
  • Having a light healthy dinner.
  • Having dinner before 9:00 PM.
  • Avoiding the evening booze.
  • Reducing oil/ghee in preparation of food and eating preparing less spicy food items.

Will the following tips to fight hair loss cost you dearly :

  • Switching your hair oil to the one having almond oil or a good herbal oil combination containing almond oil.
  • Apply hair oil to your SCALP thrice a week and gently massage your scalp for few minutes. Remove it after an hour using one of the mildest shampoos (not the ones having fruits in them).58999783
  • Allowing the hair to dry them on their own rather than using blower.
  • Comb your hair gently.
  • Your hairs don’t need any conditioner as it is your scalp which needs to be conditioned.
  • Allow your hair to enjoy the weather. Don’t keep them tied up all the time.
  • Protect your hair from heat and cold using simple physical measures.

The most important thing is: Be Patient. The day you realise that you are having hair loss, you have already lost about 40% of hairs from that area of scalp. You have not lost them in few days (if this is so then please visit your dermatologist at the earliest). You have lost them over a period of months to years. In the same way to stop further hairloss or to revert back to the previous state you need to give yourself some time. This is going to take some time. Atleast give yourself 3 months of time. Follow these tips for 3 months and you will note that your hair loss has stopped and there will be definite improvement in hair density.

Is HairLoss Affecting Your Work Negatively?


Never before in the history of mankind has the aesthetics in men become so important. Throughout the history men were known sought after for their valour and wealth. In the last 100 years slowly the world has changed. Men have moved from war fields to board room meetings. The battle is fought by presentations and seminars/conferences. The focus is now on how you present yourself or your product or services. In presentations what you present is important but it is your body language and your appearance which seals the deal for you.

The appearance of men becomes a critical factor for their success in the office and outside the office. Experts suggest different hair styles for men for different occasions. Men are spending more and more time standing in front of the mirror. Before leaving for work men always have a last look on their hair style and one always do a final touch up of hair style. Hairs have attained a central stage in the appearance of men. However expensive accessories one is loaded with but it is your hairstyle you correct before meeting someone. Whether you go to college, office, field job or any party, it is your hair which give you the “You Look”.

Many of us have suffered various hair problems during some stage of our lives. Among all hair problems it is the baldness which is the scariest of all. It is nightmare for every young working individual. When our hair density falls and hairloss is noticeable, hell breaks on us. From the time hairloss becomes noticeable we start living under constant fear. The fear of becoming completely “bald”. Day in and day out we become more and more worried of our hair loss problem. We start searching for the solution of our hairloss. With days we become more restless and desperate to get treatment for hairloss.

So what is there so important with hairloss that we become so desperate to get it treated? Hairloss is the biggest threat to a man’s personality. It changes the whole look of a person. The person starts looking aged and “weared out person”. The family members start getting worried and take peer reviews to find some solution for your hairloss. People start getting their eyes glued to your bald scalp while talking to you. You start feeling embarrassed to out to your family functions and parties. Your friends start asking questions to you that why are you having this hair loss? Is everything right in your family or business? Your baldness starts getting discussed behind your back. Some of the closed friends start making fun of you. You are bombarded with advises to treat your hairloss. Even your clients start giving you free advices for hair loss. Everywhere you go you will start noticing that people are now talking your head.

In your work place people start talking about your hair problem. You start getting reclusive and become less interactive with your colleagues. You start getting nervous about delivering presentations. Less generous people start teasing you and commenting about your hair loss problem. You start getting less comfortable talking to girls and the conversations sometimes get directed towards your hairloss problem. You start feeling less comfortable in board meetings. You also start feeling less comfortable in meeting clients specially new clients. Because of your hair loss problem you become less aggressive in sealing a good deal or start getting frustrated during the negotiations. You feel that the whole world around you is talking to your shiny head. This hair loss problem can many times reduce your career growth.

Because of hairloss you start feeling less comfortable in the office parties. Someone or the other will come to you during the party and start discussing your hair loss problem. Some will suggest you various treatments for hair loss. Some who find nothing more worth discussing with you will start discussing your hairloss problem to kill some time during the party.

In brief the hair loss problem starts harming you in your work directly or indirectly. Studies have found hair loss problem as one of the causes of reduced work efficiency.

We at Hair Restorz are there to help you overcome this problem of hair loss. We have both medical treatment and surgical treatment for your hair loss problem. We offer hair loss treatment solution for those who want Ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment for hairloss. Hair Restorz is one stop solution to all your hair problems.


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